Network Administration and Engineering

  • Network connectivity management, LAN/WAN support
  • Industry best practices for NOC and SOC implementation
  • Data center consolidation and migration
  • Account provisioning and security tiering
  • Resource usage and capacity planning
  • Network performance and availability
  • Enterprise security
  • Network hardware maintenance
  • Continuous operations and disaster recovery
  • Hardware and Software Integration for Workstations, Servers, Hosts, and Network Infrastructure
  • Classified and Unclassified Peer-to-Peer and Client Server Environments
  • Emerging Technology Evaluation and Insertion
  • Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning
  • Standards Compliance Migration Planning
  • Configuration Management and Documentation
Network and system engineering

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At Tekinfosys our elite IT professionals guarantee first rate total integrated solutions. Since our inception, we have supplied our clients with the most advanced technology, strategic consulting services and dynamic solutions, enabling them to accomplish all of their essential tasks, from the very simple to the most complex.

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