About Us

Tekinfosys is headquartered in Springfield, Virginia, just outside our nation’s capital. Our staff of talented and dedicated specialists carry out our company’s mission with innovative problem solving, dependable service, and always with the client’s needs in mind. We strive to provide the finest and most reliable service on the market. Our core solutions include, but are not limited to: Help-desk Support, Network administration and Engineering, SharePoint support, Web Development, Cloud computing, and Data Center Operations & Maintenance.

Our clients come first; we exist to serve our clients needs

We demonstrate qualities of integrity, responsiveness, and professionalism

We are committed to technical excellence and innovative to solutions to achieve our clients objectives

We foster a positive atmosphere that encourages innovation and change

We are accountable, individually, and collectively to our commitments


At Tekinfosys our elite IT professionals guarantee first rate total integrated solutions. Since our inception, we have supplied our clients with the most advanced technology, strategic consulting services and dynamic solutions, enabling them to accomplish all of their essential tasks, from the very simple to the most complex.


We are committed to providing our clients with unrivaled service, enhanced productivity, and swift, cost-effective solutions; our company is built from the ground up to ensure customer satisfaction.


To be recognized as a leader in the industry and as the most reliable and cost-effective source for solutions in assignment infrastructure, software development, systems deployment/support, and network security.